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On July 10th, Isuzu Vietnam cooperated with i-TRUCKS An Viet dealer to organize a Eco-drive seminar for H-Trucking Vietnam (Shopee) in Hanoi. The seminar brings a lot of useful content such as: Guide to safe driving, fuel-efficient driving and how to quickly check and maintain the truck, etc., which are highly appreciated by customers.

Eco-drive seminar has organized by Isuzu for Customers around the world, not only helps to drive safely, but also brings high operating efficiency to the company.

The training program for Shopee is one of Isuzu’s important projects, it was held at Shopee Warehouse, Dai Tu Industrial area, Long Bien, Hanoi with the participation of 26 drivers and operational supervision of the company.

Eco-drive seminar is a special training program for Isuzu customers with the goal of providing and supporting customers with useful knowledge during vehicle use, bringing high efficiency, ensuring safe.

The seminar was led directly by the technical experts of Isuzu Vietnam and i-TRUCKS An Viet, including the 3 main contents:

– Practice Training for Eco-Drive Seminar

– Maintenance & Vehicles Checking Training

– Practice Training for Maintenance & Vehicles Checking

In particular, the drivers can practice driving on the test track in 2 ways:

– 1st time: Driving according to daily habits

– 2nd time: Eco-drive according to IVC’s instructions.

The results after two test drive show a significant reduction in fuel consumption up to 25,3% (*) when applying eco-drive guided by Isuzu Vietnam. At the end of the program, the members participating in the training session were given a quick test and received interesting gifts from Isuzu Vietnam.

At the end of the seminar, representative Shopee in Hanoi thanked the useful and effective training course of Isuzu Through the training session, it helps drivers to drive confidently on the road, safely and save fuel, creating a solid base for a sustainable cooperation between the two companies. Shopee hopes to have more training courses like this to increase knowledge and skills of the company’s drivers, and periodic re-training is really necessary, the representative of Shopee emphasized.

Isuzu Vietnam hopes that the eco-drive seminar will contribute to helping customers improve the efficiency of product use. At the same time, affirming Isuzu Vietnam’s commitment to always accompany customers in every way.

Please contact through Isuzu Vietnam dealer nationwide network or the following information for support:


Address: 695 Quang Trung, Ward 8, Go Vap District, HCMC

*: Depend on road’s condition, good payload and driver’s skill

14 July, 2022

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