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On September 25, 2020, Isuzu Vietnam Co., Ltd. visited and presented practical necessities to S.O.S Children’s Village Go Vap. This is an annual volunteer activity of Isuzu Vietnam to help children in the Village having a warm and happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

These days, Vietnamese children eagerly welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mid-Autumn atmosphere spread out from urban to remote suburbs. With the desire to bring a warm Mid-Autumn Festival to children in difficult circumstances, Isuzu Vietnam union branch continued the program “Isuzu heart & smile”; and receiving the support not only of the youth union members but also many employees in the company. This is a very meaningful community activity and has been maintained for many years.

Representatives of Isuzu Vietnam & children at S.O.S Children Village Go Vap

SOS Children’s Village Go Vap is currently nurturing and caring for 280 children in extremely difficult circumstances, orphans, helpless in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.  The Village is built on a household model and it is divided into 30 small families. Each household is nurtured and cared for by an “adoptive mother”. These “mothers” mostly unmarried and willingly spend their whole life taking care of the children and treating them like their own children. For the children here, this Village is a “home of love” that giving them the strength to overcome their fate and become a useful person for society.

Musical performance of children in S.O.S Village

The joy of S.O.S children during the IVC’s visit

During the visit, Mr. Tatsuyuki Hagiwara – General Director of Isuzu Vietnam was very touched and thanked the SOS village for taking care of children in difficult circumstances. IVC also has given some practical gifts to the Village to help the children having a full and warmer Mid-Autumn Festival.

A representative of Isuzu Vietnam Company – Mr. Tatsuyuki Hagiwara presented some gifts to S.O.S Village

A representative of Go Vap S.O.S Village – Mr. Hoang Long awarded paintings which is made by the children in the Village

On behalf of S.O.S Go Vap, Mr. Hoang Long expressed his deep thanks to Isuzu Vietnam. The gifts of IVC are a source of encouragement both physically and mentally to share with the unlucky fate in life.

“Young tour guide” during the visit to their residence

An intimate talk with “Mother” of a household in the S.O.S Village

Visiting and giving gifts to children S.O.S Children’s Village on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival becomes an annual volunteer activity of Isuzu Vietnam. The main spirit of the program is: “The good leaves protect tattered ones”. Hopefully this spirit will spread even more strongly in the community.

Some pictures of Isuzu Vietnam’s annual S.O.S Village supporting program: “Isuzu heart & smile”:

Children during a visiting tour at Isuzu Vietnam 2018

Full moon festival night 2019

Program: “Cherishing dream with Isuzu Vietnam” 2019

1 October, 2020

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